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Nowadays there are many products out there to help a womans libido, but very few actually work. One quite well known product is ‘HerSolution’ pills, but are they as effective as what they claim to be? We are going to be exploring HerSolution in thorough detail including how well they work, some surprising side effects and stories from real women. There are many reviews online of this product but it’s time to find out the real truth. Before we get to the good stuff, let’s start off with what the product is and what it claims to do.

What are HerSolution pills?

HerSolution is said to help women become aroused, it’s advisable to be used by those with a low libido. When you purchase HerSolution, it actually comes in a two part system. The first part is a pill that should be taken on a daily basis for maximum effect. You can learn more about these pills and some of the ingredients later. The second part of HerSolution is a gel, that should be applied regularly just under the clitoris. Everybodys sex drive dwindles from time to time but that doesn’t mean it is gone forever. There are several ways you can increase your libido and medication like this is one of those methods.

The ingredients

Nothing about the ingredients found in HerSolution pills particularly stand out as being harmful in any way but none sound amazing either. They are standard ingredients that you find in a lot of different pills on the market, including basic vitamins. While some of these items are CLAIMED to do amazing things, not much research has gone into this and it’s unknown how effective they really are. Nethertheless, these ingredients include the following.
Niacin – Increases blood flow to the vagina and is also said to increase energy levels.
Licorice root – Boosts strength and energy.
Hops extract – Is very hydrating and helps the fight against vaginal dryness.
Tribulusterrestris – Is simply said to enhance women’s libido.
Gingko biloba – Boosts circulation of blood to the vagina.
EpimediumSaggittatum – A sexual stimulant.
Damiana leaf – Said to make the vagina more sensitive and therefore increasing pleasure from sex.
Red raspberry leaf – Increases pleasure from sex and actually used as an aphrodisiac in many places.
Cayenne – Increases blood flow and enhances natural lubrication of the vagina.
Valerian root – Eases stress and brings a sense of calm.
Dhea – Increases sexual satisfaction.
Melatonin – Improves quality of sleep.
Mucanapruriens – Increases sexual pleasure and libido.
Ginger root – Helps all the other products work as they should be.

Are there side effects?

You will hear time and time again how HerSolution is “doctor approved”, While some doctors do say this product works, it is not actually FDA approved which is actually quite different. This means there is no proof that this actually works and there could be major side effects down the line. There are a couple of side effects of HerSolution that have been proved already and these include the following.
– The leading ingredient, Niacin can cause facial flushing.
– Headaches and stomach pains have also been reported but are unconfirmed.

The price

HerSolution pills can be bought from the official website but they are quite expensive, especially compared to other products that could be more effective. One months supply will cost you around $50 but you can get offers if you purchase more than one month. There is a money back guarantee with HerSolution but its not known if you will definitely get a refund if you do not see results. The price of the product combined with the fact that it really doesn’t work very well, makes me feel like it’s not worth it.


You are going to hear wonderful things about HerSolution from those who creator/endorse the pills but the words you can really trust, is women who have tried and tested the product. Let’s take a look at reviews from real females who had a need for HerSolution.
“I really wanted to rekindle my sexual relationship with my husband and decided to give HerSolution a go after doing a quick internet search. The product was more expensive than I thought but I purchased it anyway because I had high hopes of it working. I took the product daily for 2 months and absolutely nothing changed. I didn’t get any side effects by taking the products but I didn’t get what I wanted either. Now here I am 2 months down the line, more frustrated than ever (and so is my husband!)” – Mary.
“HerSolution did increase my sex drive, however, I feel like this was more down to the mental aspect rather than actually from taking the pills. I had no huge side effects but did experience facial flushing which was a bit of a blow to my confidence!” – Ashley.
“Up until I was 30, I always had a very high sex drive! This seemed to change after a busy job took hold and I really wanted to change that. I decided to give HerSolution a try after reading about it online. I found that after taking it for a while, my energy levels increased. Having more energy was great but did my libido in particular increase? Not really. In addition to this, I also seemed to suffer more headaches. I don’t know if this was directly related to the pills but it did seem to happen around the same time. I would recommend anyone looking for a product to increase libido, to look for something other than HerSolution because it definitely was not a solution for me. What is liked was Spanish fly pro, give it a try.” – Sarah


It’s clear to see from the information obtained in this HerSolution review, the product is not as great as what it is claimed. There are side effects that are not worth risking, most customers have not had good experience with the product and on the whole, it seems more like a placebo than anything else. If somebody TELLS you something works, you feel like it has to, right? There are much better products out there to increase a womans libido and HerSolution pills are best avoided.

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