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Zenofem Female Libido: Don’t Buy Before Reading This Shocking Review

Women’s sex drive tends to go down as they advance in age.This is mainly attributed to the hormonal changes that take place when one advances in age. Other factors that are linked to low sexual drive among women are health or medical conditions, psychological factors, emotional and physical states. Various female sexual enhancers have been developed to boost the sexual desire and performance among women. Some of them lead to drastic changes among women while others cause more harm than good to the body. In this article, we are going to review one female sex enhancer, Zenofem and you will decide whether to use it or not.


Zenofem is a sexual enhancement drug that is meant to be used by women. In other words, it can be referred to as a female libido that makes women have more desires for sex and also boost their performance. According to the manufacturer, the supplement improves the flow of blood and subsequent moisture into the vagina. This results to a wet and sensual vagina, two key factors that contribute to high sex drive in women.


The performance of any sex enhancement supplements depends on its ingredients. Here is a breakdown of the main ingredients that make up Zenofem.

1. Bioperine: This ingredient does not play any specific role in improving sex drive. It only boosts the performance of other ingredients. In this case, Bioperine is mainly used to increase the absorption rate of other ingredients that make up Zenofem. High absorption rates would definitely result in better performance.

2. Cnidium Herb Powder: Cnidium herb traces its origin to China and is mainly associated with increasing the libido and desire for sex. However, this is mainly speculation since its effectiveness has not been proven. There is also limited information concerning the safety levels of this ingredient.

This factor puts the whole supplement in question as one unsafe ingredient can result to damaging results. For instance, consuming it can result in drowsiness, nausea and severe stomach upset.

3. Oat Straw Herb Extract: For years, oatmeal has been associated with improving sex drive. In this case, the herb is extracted from the same plant that is used in preparing oatmeal. However, there are still high risks that come with this herb, especially when consumed in large amounts.

4. Di-Arginine Malate: The ingredient contains elements of amino acid and malic acid which are used for various functions in the body. In this context, the ingredient boosts the production of nitric oxide which in turn stimulates the sexual organs. It also makes a woman more receptive to sexual advances.

5. Damiana Leaf Extract: During the ancient days, some communities used Damiana as a natural sexual stimulant. In this supplement, leaf extract of this shrub performs aphrodisiac functions. However, it comes with some side effects which include convulsions and other signs associated with food poisoning.

6. Clove Buda Flower Extract: The ingredient is also known as Clovevine and is an aphrodisiac that mainly affects women. It increases the sexual desire especially in women who are past the menopause.

Just like a good number of other ingredients that make up the supplement, there is scanty information regarding the safety and effectiveness of Clovevine. Zenofem just lists it and does not give any further details. Failure to disclose all the information puts consumers at a big risk.

7. Catuaba Bark: Just like Bioperine, Catuaba Bark improves the absorption rate of other ingredients. It is also believed that the bark can evoke erotic fantasies.

How Zenofem Works

According to the information that is posted on the company’s website, the ingredients contained in the supplement perform different roles in stimulating a woman. It is stated that they promote the flow of blood in the erogenous zones hence enhancing sexual pleasure. It is also stated that the supplement improves lubrication of the vagina. A well-lubricated vagina minimizes chances of painful sex hence a woman will be focused on deriving full sexual pleasure from the intercourse. The company states that these websites can only be enjoyed if you stick to the right dosage.

However, a quick scan through some ingredients reveals that there is lots of information that is hidden with regards to Zenofem.


It is indicated that you have to take three tablets a day for one full month. Just by looking at the supplement’s dosage, one is likely to develop some phobia towards it. Three capsules a day is too much and is unlike sex enhancers which only require that you take one tablet a day. Dealing with three tablets is also cumbersome and also calls for high levels of discipline.

You should also consult your doctor before taking the supplement. Expectant, lactating and women who are in any form of medication are advised against using Zenofem.

Is Zenofem Safe?

Safety of the product is a key issue that anyone looks at before using a sex enhancer. When it comes to Zenofem, you will definitely ask the same question. Although the company claims that the supplement is safe for use, a deeper analysis of the supplement gives an opposite answer.

It is true that it contains some natural ingredients which are safe. Although they are natural, they can be equally dangerous. Some ingredients don’t have any medical backing to support their safety levels. This means that you may be ingesting a poisonous substance without knowing. A slight overdose of the supplement can lead to fatal results.

Side effects

We cannot ignore the fact that Zenofem has numerous side effects and this is due to some of its ingredients. The supplement can lead to stomach upsets and other symptoms that are usually associated with food poisoning. You may also start experiencing an acute headache minutes after taking the supplement. Loss of appetite and nausea are other side effects of taking Zenofem.


It is true that everyone desires to have a fantastic sex life regardless of the age. Although Zenofem claims to be an ultimate solution to women’s sexual needs, the negative side effects outdo the benefits. It can also subject you to the inconvenience of taking three tablets a day yet you can take one capsule a day when using other supplements.

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