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Life is changing rapidly. It has become more fast and complicated especially for women. Now women are expected to be multi-tasking. They take care of everything including family, personal and professional commitments, household things, aging parents, and the younger kids. As the result, they really find it hard to take care of their own health and interests. They find themselves depressed and frustrated. They lose their interest in many things. Mood changes, anxiety, depression, and lack of interest in martial life are the outcome of such busy lives. If you are going through this phase, then you do not need to feel isolated. You are not alone. It is common for women in their thirties to lose interest in the married life. If you have lost interest in your sex life, you should take adequate step to improve the condition instead of feeling depressed.

Different types of the products are currently available to help you to come out of this condition. You can choose any of these supplements to boost your sexual desire and to find yourself in a favorable position. You will feel younger than your age. Both your body and mood will complement each other to help you to have a happy and fun marital bliss. If you are looking for such a product, you can consider Provestra. This product has received mixed reviews about the benefits. When some users have said that it is useful and can work for every woman, others find it harmful. They believe that the product comes with a number of the side effects that can really affect your body and mind badly.

Do you have any confusion? Do you want to know more about the side effects? Are you interested in the ingredients? Do you want to know how effective it is? If yes, then you are in the right place. You can go through the following (negative) review on Provestra product. The review will focus both on the negative and positive sides to help the users to take the right decision. It will be impartial and will focus on useful facts only.

Does it work?

As mentioned earlier, the body of the human beings keeps changing. Women experience it more as they go different phases of life and with many body changes. They go through the menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and post menstruation. The hormone keeps changing and it affects both the physical ability and thinking process. When the hormone of your body changes, you will feel more depressed. You will feel depressed and start losing interest in many things.

Some factors can be blamed for such hormonal changes. That might be anything like the physical and mental pressure. You can also have this feeling due to the medication. Your busy life and multi-tasking ability can make your married life miserable. Both your body and mind will not support you to have a healthy sex life.

You can improve the condition with the healthy food and physical activities. You can also take the Provestra pills to achieve the same result. It is made of some natural ingredients and can offer you the desired benefits. If you believe the claims of the manufacturer, the product is designed to improve your sexual ability and mental thinking. But the reviews of the customers might say different things. Before going through the reviews and side effects, you need to go through the ingredients.


Provestra is made of the blend of the natural herbs, claimed by the manufacturer. But you will not find the details of all the ingredients from the manufacturer’s site. They have only mentioned a few that they think will gather the appreciation of the users. But the details of the ingredients are still unavailable.

All the ingredients mentioned on the site have some health benefits. These are able to help your body to make the hormonal balance. These are also considered helpful for the reproductive system. It has L-Arginine (also used in Spanish Fly Pro). This ingredient is not considered that helpful for the human body. But it is a natural amino acid that is used in many supplements. But none of the manufacturers guarantee the safety of this ingredient. If you are taking it, then you will have to take it at your own risk.

Besides, you will have to take this product for four to five weeks to see any improvement. The result might vary from person to person as it has received mixed views about the result. Some find it helpful after two weeks; others did not notice any changes after taking it for a month. In brief, it can be said that the product cannot be effective for all.

Some other ingredients are ginger root, ginseng, iron, vitamin B, Valerian root, Theobromine, folic acid, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana Leaf, Licorice root, and much more. All these ingredients are natural and can offer you the desired benefits as claimed by the manufacturer. These ingredients can help you to fight against depression, to balance the hormone, and to enhance your sexual satisfaction. You will also find many stimulants in the product.

Is there any side effect?

Certainly yes, you will find a number of the side effects. Most of the users are not satisfied with the result due to the side effects. In fact, some users have said that the product has not helped them in any manner. If you go through the reviews, you will come to know that this product has received many negative reviews. Some have experienced stomach problem, some headache, and some nausea. Besides, it smells terribly bad. If you take it for a long time, you might have some negative changes in your body. More importantly, if you have any health complication, you should not take this supplement without consulting your physician.

How to take it

The usage is easy. You just need to take two pills at the bedtime for three months. If you experience any side effect, you should discontinue it and talk to your doctor before starting it again.

Provestra is currently available online. You can buy it from any of the reliable stores. You can also visit the official site. As the product has received the mixed reviews, you need to take extra effort to ensure that you are taking safe pills to get any effective result.

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  1. I bought this product for my wife, after reading this review I became very sceptical. Probably ask for refund.

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